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The CGI system integrator warned that British customers are expecting their technology purchases on ice when Brexit looks into the view, but that does not mean that they will not be able to take advantage of the situation.

Canadian equipment, which took over Logico CMG as part of a 1.7 billion pound deal in 2012, confirmed a shift in shopping habits during a conference call for the quarterly quarterly financial period of the Group18, which ended on September 30 (PDF).

The British deadline was US $ 329.3 million over the three months, up 11.9 percent over the year before, as a result of the exchange rate of the currency. Sales in the constant currency increased by 7.5 percent. So far so good.

Reservations in the United Kingdom for the whole year amounted to 117.3 percent of sales, but management acknowledged that they slowed down in the last quarter of the financial year.

"Bookings in the quarter were down to 74 percent of revenue, reflecting a temporary slowdown in public procurement decisions, as Brexit's deadline is approaching," said CGI chief George Schindler on earning a call with analysts.


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On leaving the UK, CGI is a great opportunity and, without a doubt, other integrators and consultants who are looking for salaries after the date of distribution on March 29th.

"Taking into account the important positioning of the public sector, we continue to be optimistic about the under-capitalization of Brexit, as government parties carry out sovereign changes to the program," adds Schindler. "And despite the uncertainty of Brexit, we see that global commercial customers are moving with greater IT investment."

Gartner said today he expects spending on businesses in the United Kingdom to fall 1.9 percent to 201 billion dollars in 2019, while Brexit described it as having "a deterrent effect on IT spending."

"The United Kingdom is not expected to grow by more than 2 percent by 2020, which has a negative impact on the average consumption of IT in the EMEA," said John Lovelock, vice president and chief researcher at Gartner.

This forecast is less rosy than Forrester, which told us a week ago that it estimates that spending on businesses will be 0.5 percent this year and 0.4 percent. He said that a third of the 600 companies she spoke with would say that they would cut budgets.

The United Kingdom rulers and EU negotiators have not yet concluded a trade agreement, and if they did not do so, the British economy could have sunk into a deep recession, technology providers were warned last month in the Canalys Channels Forum EMEA in Barcelona. ®

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